Wedding Planner FAQ

You probably have some questions or not sure how I can help you as a wedding planner. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful answers right here!

A wedding planner works for YOU, and a wedding co-ordinator works for the venue to make sure food service, staff and wedding managers have everything to ensure a smooth service on your wedding day. I have first hand experience as I have worked as a wedding co-ordinator in house for 3 years, and trust me this is the biggest misconceptions, and why I wanted to be a planner so I could invest more time in my awesome couples, save you money and most importantly stress! Weddings are a celebration of your love for each other (corny but true) I take the tedious admin (which by the way I love, I am super organised and love lists just ask my Mumma) keep you on track with my snazzy time plans, find solutions and let you truly enjoy your day knowing I’ve got you.

LGBTQ, heterosexual, elopements.

I plan alternative modern, cool weddings, the weddings for the rule breakers! My couples aren’t looking to have an average wedding, they’re bold and alternative with their style.

Of course, I can offer an on the day management, just get in touch and I can send a quote based on how much or little you need my help.

I love a wedding, but I also love a good party. If you have a birthday, engagement party or baby shower just holler at me!

Just try and stop me! I’ve not invested in your wedding this much and not be there.

It’s YOUR wedding day, so it’s completely up to you. I’m always happy to work with new industry suppliers. But if you want some advice on who I’ve worked with or know who would be the right fit, then I have plenty who I can recommend!

Absolutely I’ve got to be the right fit for you! Your first consultation in complimentary, there’s no obligation. We have an informal chat over coffee and just take if from there.

It has to be 10 Things I Hate About You & Sister Act.

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