Pink, Red, and Peach Autumn Wedding at Hampton Manor

The changing leaves and crisp air of Autumn provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding. But who says you have to stick to a traditional colour palette? Torra and Ravi’s wedding, is the perfect example of how to incorporate bright and soft hues into your Autumn celebration. We’ll take a look at their pink, red, and peach fusion wedding and provide tips on how to choose your own colour scheme. Create a cohesive look with decor, and add personal touches to make your day feel unique. With some creativity and a little help from a wedding stylist, here’s how I created a special day that perfectly reflects their love story. So let’s dive in and get inspired.

Choose a Colour Scheme That Speaks to You


When speaking with Torra and Ravi about the colours for their wedding, they said they loved pinks and reds. And the reason they chose October to get married, is because they loved the cosy atmosphere of this time of year. So when designing their mood board, I chose warm colours of peaches, pinks and reds to create the cosy feeling but still representing them. 

I always take inspiration from each season, but never let that determine the colours palette. Just because you’re having an Autumn wedding, doesn’t mean you have to stick to reds, oranges and browns.

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Wedding ceremony


Torra and Ravi’s wedding ceremony was a beautiful representation of the colour scheme, with every aspect perfectly tying together to create a cohesive look and feel. The venue was filled with pink, red, and peach flowers and decor, with a stunning broken flower arch as the perfect backdrop in the  ceremony space. 

Throughout the ceremony, we incorporated the colours in subtle yet impactful ways. The aisles were adorned with meadows on either side of the featured a mix of pink, red, and peach blooms,  The overall effect was stunning, with every detail perfectly tying together to create a cohesive and beautiful wedding ceremony.

If you’re looking to incorporate a specific colour scheme into your own wedding ceremony, take inspiration from Torra and Ravi’s. Think about how we  incorporated the colours, and don’t be afraid to get creative, and go for colours that are not usually seen at this time of year. By doing so, you’ll create a wedding ceremony that speaks to your unique style and reflects you as a couple. Next up, how we created a cohesive look with the decoration and table design.

Create a Cohesive Look with Decor

To create a wedding  with a cohesive look, it’s important to pay attention to every detail, including the decor. By doing so, you’ll transform your ceremony space into a beautiful and harmonious setting that showcases your style and personality.

We opted for a gorgeous broken flower arch and some disco balls to add a fun element, as the ceremony backdrop. It was a stunning wow moment for the ceremony, and I always advise re purposing flowers where you can to get maximum usage. So for Torra and Ravi we moved the broken arch behind the top table, and move the meadows infront of the top table and at the end of the rows of the longer tables. We kept the flowers on the table simple with medium vases down the tables, with bud vases inbetween and a gorgeous trio of red, pink and peach candlesticks.

Table design


The table settings had pink runners down the middle of the tables. Guests place settings had gold beaded chargers plates, with a raspberry napkin draped with individual menus placed on top. We had place names with a ribbon details designed by the same stationery supplier to create a cohesive look. I loved how it all tied together.

Don’t Forget the Little Details


With so much focus on the bigger picture of wedding planning, it’s easy to overlook the smaller details that can truly make a difference in the overall experience. One way to add a personal touch is adding the same design for all your stationery. For Torra and Ravi’s wedding the couple met in New York and live there so we had hand drawn illustrations of their favourite places in New York as their table names, designed by Love Talluah. By using the same design, it helped make everything look cohesive and add that personal touch of their story.

Torra and Ravi’s wedding demonstrates that autumn weddings don’t have to be limited to just jewel tones. By choosing a colour scheme that speaks to you, creating a cohesive look with decor, letting your flowers do the talking, and not forgetting the little details, you can create a stunning autumn wedding that perfectly reflects your style and love story. 

Client love

We worked with Amelia for our October wedding. She was on top of every detail and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were remote and were able to trust her with juggling all of the details leading up to the event and coordinating with other suppliers to create a unified look. She is so kind and has an amazing ability to transform spaces; her styling skills resulted in an absolutely gorgeous wedding that guests and venue staff praised.

The incredible team involved:

AMW Events 

Stylist Assistant
Melissa Hornibrook


Gina Fernades

Hampton Manor Wedding

Love Talluah Rose


Make up
Chloe Parason

Hire items
Vintage Gold China
Jennifer Suraez

If you feel inspired by Torra & Ravi’s wedding and you’re wondering if a wedding stylist could be just what you need. Check out this post all about the process and what a wedding stylist is. 

Amelia x

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