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Lucy & Matt
Oh my gosh, how can we say thank you! You did such a wonderful job leading us into the weekend and providing just the support we needed on the Saturday. Your purse was so tiny yet provided a Mary Poppins experience. 
You made sure we drank water, ate food and kept our friends + family at bay when we needed a moment. The Jam Factory looked absolutely beautiful – I’m so glad you suggested the coloured napkins, it really made the tables. 
You let us enjoy the day and took care of everything else. 
Preferred Hotels and Resorts

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The event was absolutely fantastic and I received so much positive feedback from both the clients and the General Managers about the event in general, but also about the venue in particular. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into the event, and I know how time consuming it all was! I have to say I appreciate above all else is that you remain calm in the face of our panic during the challenging moment and immediately set to work on a practical solutions, just having you to go to when I notice something is wrong is so important on the night!

Gaby & Jack

Amelia!! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get in touch, we’ve been in a bubble! We can’t thank you enough for everything! You were amazing & just so brilliant to know everything was under control. Can’t thank you enough!!!

Milly and Mark

Thank you thank you so much for everything you did for us on our wedding day and all the preparations in the lead up to it. We appreciate it so much and were so chuffed how smoothly it all went. We had the most amazing time and really did enjoy every second. We hope the glitter wasn’t too much of a nightmare to clear up.

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