The difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. Aren’t they the same thing I hear you ask? And the answer is no they aren’t. A wedding planner and a wedding coordinator play very different roles when it comes to your wedding planning and your wedding day. A wedding planner works for YOU, and a wedding co-ordinator works for the venue. It’s not to say their role isn’t important but It’s a common misconception, and I thought I’d try and explain what the actual differences are between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.

difference wedding planner and wedding coordinator

A Wedding Coordinators role


A wedding venue coordinator works for the wedding venue to ensure that the wedding managers, chefs and housekeeping team have everything ordered for your wedding day. They will also be able to answer all your question related to what is possible at the venue, different room layouts and when you’ll have access to the rooms. But they also have a lot of weddings to look after, and therefore won’t have the time to dedicate to guiding and helping you. It may be obvious but they won’t be chasing the make up artist if they’re late, or able to run out and buy some last minute confetti if you’ve forgotten it. I have first hand experience as I worked as a in house wedding co ordinator for 3 years, and trust me this is the biggest mis conception and why I wanted to become a planner, so I can dedicate the time and help you with my handy shortcuts!

It’s important to remember a wedding venue coordinator:

🥂 Works for the venue, and a wedding planning works for you.

🥂A wedding venue coordinator is the main point of contact at the venue only.

🥂A wedding venue coordinator is responsible for logistics at the venue overseeing floor plans, chefs, timings plans etc.

🥂The venue coordinator will be looking after several weddings and events at the same time & may not have the time to dedicate to helping you with your plans.

🥂The venue co ordinator is not responsible for overseeing and managing your suppliers on the day.

🥂The venue coordinator is not responsible for making sure all the little details are set up just as you want it.

It’s not to say their role isn’t important but it’s worth understanding the limitations of a wedding coordinator.

A Wedding Planners role


A wedding planner works for YOU, and makes you enjoy your wedding planning journey, assist you with all admin and share their expertise. They’ll show you shortcuts, save you money and make sure you have a wedding day to remember. And before you say they’re a luxury and only for couples with big budgets or I won’t be able to afford one. I’m on a mission to change that and have flexible packages, which you can check out here to see how we can work together.

Benefits of hiring a planner

⚡️You’ll have an expert, mentor and friend with you the whole way

⚡️ Someone who you can support and collaborate with you

⚡️ Someone who can help bring your vision to life

⚡️ Someone who works with your best interest always

⚡️ Someone who is on your side

⚡️ Someone who will save you stress, time and let you enjoy and plan all the best parts, giving you a day to remember


on the day wedding planner

Did you know a modern wedding  takes 528 hours, or 22 full days, to plan according to a new study. This is where a wedding planner can save you TIME, MONEY AND STRESS. It’s not like the wedding planners you’ve seen in the movies. I can see things that you won’t see, I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly, and deal with any issues on the day so you don’t have to. I want your only focus to be enjoying and soaking in every moment of your special day.

If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss, why not book in a free no obligation consultation to see how i can help you and save yourself having a Phoebe moment.

uk wedding planner

Just a reminder I only take a limited amount of weddings a year to ensure you get the best service from me. On the day co ordination and backdrop hire there is still availability for 2021, and for full planning for 2022 and 2023 weddings!

So what are you waiting for just get in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Amelia x

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