Marquee wedding what are the Pros & Cons

Are you considering a marquee wedding, but you’re not sure what the costs involved are or what to expect? This is a questions I get asked a lot, how much does it cost? Is it cheaper than a venue? But it’s such a hard question to answer as there are pros and cons. It does depends on the size of wedding you’re planning,  lots of guests means a bigger marquee is needed, more toilets, furniture, space etc.  Another factor is if you own the land, have access to water and electricity. All of which will impact how much it will cost. So what I’ve done instead is put together a pro and cons list together to help make it easier to decide if having a marquee wedding is worth it for you.


  • You can create your own venue. There are so many amazing options from traditional marquee, stretch tents, tipis, yurts to modern marquees with clear structures. Plus the interior to the flooring, dancefloor, bar it’s all up to you how you want it to look.
  • You have full flexibility. You can have more days to set up and have a longer celebration if you’d like as most of the time you can have a marquee for more than just one day. It also gives you time to set up the day prior if you wanted.
  • The sky is the limit with catering. You can have food trucks or any cuisine there are no limits on menus or cuisine as you get to create a menu who want.
  • There can be more flexibility on how late you can party on until (depending on location and neighbours)
  • You have complete control over the decor and design of the interiors, which makes it so much fun! You can have amazing hanging installations, play around with the layout, and customised pieces if you like.
Wedding decor


  • Marquess are usually seasonal (April – September) and are fun if the sun in shining. It can be a bit tricky and challenging if it rains.
  • There are a LOT more logistics. You have to bring in everything, from toilets, generators to furniture. There’s a lot more to think about and organise, more suppliers to juggle, and make sure everyone has the right information. Back up plans need to be made which venues already have in place.
  • Take down can be a big job, to make sure everyone has all their hired equipment collected. And cleaning and clearing up the mess, is not everyone’s idea of fun after just getting married. 
  • It can be expensive if you don’t have the land, as this can be an added cost not everyone thinks about.
  • Transport is limited, guests will either have to drive or try and find a taxi which can be tricky if it’s in a remote location.

I LOVE a marquee wedding, as most of my couples have designed or styled them so differently. Whilst it does come with it’s challenges if you can I would always suggest going for it. And if you need extra support or help I offer On the day Coordination support or full planning for your marquee wedding. Find out more.


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