I’m engaged now what? 5 tips on where to begin with wedding planning

Yay you’re engaged! It’s such an amazing feeling being in your engagement bubble. Telling all your friends and family and then the thought slowly dawns on you. How on earth do I plan a wedding? Where do I even begin with wedding planning? Sound familiar? Well you’rE in the right place I’m about to reveal my top 5 tips on what to do next, and where to begin with planning your wedding.’

1) Guest numbers, approx time of year you want to get married?

Firstly you need to make a list of the amount of guests you’ll want to invite. This will determine location. For example if you want your grandparents there but they can’t travel far you want to look at places that aren’t an 8 hour drive away, It will also factor in to which venues will be suitable there’s nothing worse than falling in love with a venue only to find out it’s too small for your guest numbers.

2) Budget

Secondly and one of the most important is budget, why? Because not everyone has £200k to spend on their wedding. Most of the time compromises will have to be made, depending on what you can afford. Chat to family members if they are contributing, look at realistically what you can save a month.

3) Venue

Once you have a budget you know what you can afford, and only view venues you feel comfortable fit into your budget. Once you know those costs, you can then see what you have left to play with to secure and look at other suppliers.

4) Date

This is a must have to secure any other suppliers. The majority of wedding suppliers are self employed and can only accommodate one wedding per day. In order to check availability with suppliers you need a date. So when you find someone you love and click with you can book them, and start to build your dream team.

5) Research and secure suppliers


Research is key when booking suppliers. There are so many incredible people in the industry, and someone to suit the vibe of the day you want. Are you look for a classic editorial vibe, or a fun vibrant colourful vibe. Have a look on their website, and social pages as this usually helps to see their personalities and the style they can provide. Please make sure you check with other suppliers who they’d recommend or if they’ve worked with them before. You can always check reviews, how active they are on socials, and ask to see their past work to feel confident in booking them.

I hope that helps, and gives your a place to start. If you’re still stuck or need some extra help and support check out my packages here. 

Amelia x

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