How to prepare for marriage

how to prepare for marriage

I was recently listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast about 5 ways to prepare for marriage. If you haven’t listened to it, you NEED to. It’s called On Purpose, and he discusses loads of different topics, if you love a podcast you’ll definitely enjoy it. In this episode about marriage he touches some interesting points that really gets you thinking. It’s worth a listen even if you’re already married.

‘Weddings mark the beginning of your relationship but it’s very easy to get caught up in all the festivities and forget to focus on your actual marriage.’ Jay Shetty

This is so true, and it is always something I am consciously trying to encourage my couples to focus on. I want you to have a fantastic wedding day, and it’s why I am so passionate about making sure it’s a true reflection of you as a couple, as I truly believe it sets the tone for your marriage. I want you to have a successful marriage, I work with amazing couples and I love seeing where life takes them. Jay Shetty talks about planning for the wedding but you also need to plan for your marriage. I can hear the eyes rolling, you’re probably thinking I don’t have time to add more to my wedding!!! But trust me just taking a little bit of time out in the lead up to your wedding to plan  the type of marriage will set you up for a great life together.

how to prepare for marriage

How can you prepare for marriage? 

For each couple it’s going to be different. I prepared for my marriage without realising we had a buddhist blessing 2 days before our wedding with close family and friends. It was held at my Aunt’s house, the buddhist priests arrived to the house to host the blessing ceremony, we had all our wedding guests that had flown over for our wedding there which was lovely( naturally there was food afterwards). During the ceremony the priest talked about the commitment of marriage, and the meaning of happiness, which really allowed us to take the time to consider the gravity of the commitment we were about to make. It was followed by some prays and blessings for our upcoming marriage, but for me it made me feel more deeply ready and excited for our marriage ahead. I’m not saying everyone has to have one, but I would advise you to allow some time before the wedding to process the deep commitment you are making, and try and think what type of marriage you want to have.
how to plan a meaningful wedding

Some other things to consider would be?

⚡How can you make your partner happy on a daily basis.

⚡Marriage mentor (a married couple who can guide you)

⚡Making your own traditions.

⚡What kind of future do you both want?

⚡Who is going to divide the household chores?

I’m guessing some of these topics will already be discussed, when you move in together, but I want you to have a successful marriage, and being a team is key so you can take on the world!

”It’s better to have a small wedding and a big marriage rather than a big wedding and a small marriage” Jay Shetty 

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how to prepare for marriage

PS if you’re struggling with wedding planning, and need some help then get in touch.


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