How to plan a smaller intimate wedding

Not everyone wants a huge wedding, and with COVID 19 the one benefit is that it’s really making couples think about what kind of wedding they really want. For some of you that may mean an intimate wedding is the way to go, if you’re tired of postponing and you just want to get married!  I love intimate weddings because you get to focus on what’s truly important which is saying your vows and getting married. Plus you can create a one of a kind personal experience for your guests, which is harder to achieve with a larger wedding as there’s more guests to cater to.

So here here are my top tips for how to plan an amazing intimate wedding:

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Consider the setting


Make sure you find a venue which has a cosy space. You don’t want to end up with a huge space and it makes it feel empty with just a few tables. If you can make sure it’s a private dining room or an exclusive use space as this will make it feel more special, and private. Setting the vibe is key to creating and making the day special.

The Guests


Really think about your guest list, smaller weddings mean you need think about who you really want there, and you couldn’t imagine getting married without them. Don’t worry about offending people, this is your day and guests will understand. It will also mean you will have a special group, who will truly be present and excited to share your day with you!

Hire a planner


You might be thinkings there’s less guests to organise do I really need a planner? But having a planner can be hugely beneficial, after all this is still your wedding day.  You want to enjoy it and switch off, without worrying if guests are okay and any issues that may occur on the day. A planner can handle all of this, and more and truly get to enjoy every moment. Plus if you’re planning a shorter time scale it can be stressful trying to do everything, with a helping hand we can make it a day to remember.

Capture the moment


Make sure you get an epic photographer, so you can get some fantastic photos of your special celebration. You’ll want to remember the day with all the amazing people that made it so special.

Create the wow factor as soon as guests walk in


Really go for an incredible table design to make the day extra special. Whether that be  an incredible hanging installation or a table full of the most incredible flowers and candles to make an impact. Or some stunning blossom trees as you walk down the aisle. There are so many amazing touches you can add to make it feel incredible. 

Add something extra


Now you have more budget to play with make it extra special, have cocktails or champagne instead of wine for the drinks reception. Go for a 4 course meal, or have an epic dessert table that has a wow factor. Add some fireworks the list is endless, just because your guests number are less doesn’t mean your wedding has to be small in terms of the feeling

how to plan a small wedding
how to plan a small wedding

And just remember, even if your numbers are smaller, it really doesn’t mean your wedding day needs to be. It can be incredible special having less guests, and please remember that if you’ve had to change your plans due to covid love always win and if there was ever a time to just get married now and have a fab party later now is the time! And if you’re not sure how to please  get in touch, as I would love to help you have a fantastic wedding day!

Amelia x

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