How to include your dog in your wedding day

How to include your dog in your wedding day

Dogs at weddings, hell yeah!

We got our lovely dog Ralph, after we got married, you have probably seen him on my instagram  if you follow me. I can tell you if we had him before we got married we would’ve of course wanted him to have been part of our wedding day! They become such big parts of our lives so quickly, that it would feel strange if they weren’t there. 

 Oh here’s another picture of my handsome boy Ralph.

Dog at wedding


So how do you include your dog as part of your special day?


Well there are a couple ways:

🐶 Make them a ring bearer

🐶 They can walk down the aisle with your partner

🐶 They can walk down with one of your bridesmaids.

But please check with your wedding venue, if you are allowed to do so before getting your hopes up, as not all of them are dog friendly.

There are also a few logistics to consider:


⚡ Who is going to look after them on the wedding day? It can be overwhelming for them, there’s lots going on. Firstly they are somewhere new which usually means they are off exploring. They will also have lots people coming up to them to say hello and depending on your dog that can make them quite anxious. I would strongly suggest assigning a guest or family member they know to be dedicated to looking after them throughout the day. The last thing you want to be worrying about is have they got water, have they been fed, or whose going to take them for a walk. It will take the stress from you knowing they are in good hands.

⚡Most venues don’t allow dogs to be in the wedding breakfast room or during food service, because of health and safety reasons. To avoid any surprises on your wedding be prepared and make sure you have a dog sitter or someone they can stay with during this time, where they feel comfortable to relax, with so much going on they might enjoy a bit of quiet time.

⚡Where will they sleep? Some venues are dog friendly and will allow them to stay in the rooms, always make sure to check before assuming, the last thing you need is worrying about where your dog can stay. It may seem obvious but when I worked in house as a wedding coordinator you would be surprised about how many things are assumed, and I don’t want this to happen to you. However if your wedding venue aren’t able to accommodate  dogs overnight in bedrooms, make sure someone is in charge of collecting them to take them home.

I know there are a few logistics to consider but it will make it totally worthwhile when you see their little face walking down the aisle. Plus they can add some fun to your wedding photos, which will be one of a kind.

Here are some of my favourite photos.

cool dogs at wedding

Photo credit LuxRox Photography 

funny dog picture wedding

Photo credit Motta Weddings


I hope that helped! Please share any videos or images if you had your dog at your wedding I’d love to see them.


Amelia x


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