How to create a wedding mood board

A wedding mood board is one of the first places I start when initially speaking to my couples. It helps me visualise the vibe and style for their wedding, and then I can make sure I find suppliers who will bring their vision life. If you’ve never created one before or not sure where to start here’s some helpful tips on how to create a wedding mood board.

Let me start with why is it important to have a mood board?

1) It gives you clear visual vision for your day.

2) It avoids Pinterest overwhelm, as you have clear idea on what you’re trying to create.

3) You can share it with your wedding suppliers so they have clear understanding of your wedding vision and the vibe you want to create.

how to create a wedding mood board

Start with a colour palette


Firstly you’ll want to select a colour palette, I usually select between 5 – 6 colours work best. This will make the overall look of your wedding look cohesive and not mis matchy or random. I take inspiration from interiors, the outdoors, or the seasons. I personally don’t believe you have to stick to colours that are most popular with the seasons, you can have bright colours in winter months you just have the get creative with your decor choices to help bring those colours to life. Here are a few examples

how to plan your wedding

Add some texture


Next you’ll want to add some texture. This can be achieved with through materials such as linen, ribbon, or it could be something simple like candle or dried flowers.  It make the mood board less one dimensional and brings some life and layers into it. A mood board can be more than just images. You can create a vibe by being creative with the textures you add to it.

how to plan your wedding

Don’t forget to add inspirational images


Finally you’ll want to add images that you’ve saved that compliment the colour scheme and that describe your personalties. It doesn’t have to be just wedding inspiration, it can be from interiors, fashion, art or even nature. Don’t limit yourself and have fun with it, weddings are meant to be a joyful celebration.

My biggest piece of advice would be don’t be afraid to experiment just because you haven’t seen a colourful winter wedding, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. There are stunning colourful dried flowers available which means you can really be creative and not have to be set to certain colours. And ultimately have fun with creating your wedding mood board. 

I really hope you found this helpful and if you get stuck or really struggling with making your own, did you know I offer a planning hour where I can make one for you. Find out more.


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