Elopement: Why more couples are choosing to elope

Is the thought of being the centre of attention fill you with dread? Would you rather skip planning a wedding and just marry the love of your life? Have you heard of eloping? You may be thinking isn’t that just where you go to Vegas, Gretna Green or the registrar office, well it can be, but it can be so much more! Keep reading to find out why more couples are considering eloping!

why more couples are eloping

What is an elopement wedding?

Elopement was about running away to get married in secret, but now it’s more about a couple going on an adventure somewhere to get married legally, without inviting their friends and family. It can be different to every couple, some couples choose to to have the ceremony with just the two of them with a celebrant/registrar and photographer. The settings are endless you could choose a stunning building, a beach, in a forest, or even skydiving! The benefit of eloping is you don’t have to worry about guests, it saves you money, and there’s less stress. I love how intimate and special it is, you get to really focus on the two of you getting married, there’s this magic in the air.

PLUS you’ll have incredible one of a kind photos. I’ve admired Tom’s work for a while, his photos are stunning. I was thrilled that he wanted to be featured in this blog. Tom specialises in elopement photography and captures those moments so beautifully! I asked Tom why he loves capturing elopements. Here’s what he had to say:

Why Tom Loves Elopements

For me it’s the ultimate in capturing true love. There are no distractions just the couple, in love, with each other. No nagging family members or drunk friends to distract from the true and real reason that you are getting married. I love them for this and the fact that I can witness this special moment and enhance it by being awesome. Not just taking the best images that I can but by guiding the couple on a mini adventure to kick start their big adventure of a lifetime together. It is always so much fun no matter the weather or location. With the freedom of being just the couple and me we can spend the day exploring stunning and remote locations that you cannot on a regular wedding. Rainy Cornwall or Sunny Italy, the love and fun is never tainted and every elopement is always a pleasure and honour to be a part of.

couple eloping Cornwall

Photo credit Thomas Frost Photography

Intimate wedding

If you love the idea of a smaller ceremony but you’re thinking I want my parents to be there, you can always host an intimate ceremony with your closest family members and a couple of friends, and it can still feel very special. Even celebrities are known to elope most recently Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas went Vegas style for their elopement ceremony, after which they had a big wedding! There’s no wrong or right way, there’s just the two of you choosing to be together and deciding how you want to celebrate your wedding day!

Why follow the crowd when you can create your own path. I want you to look back on your wedding with nothing but great memories and no regrets. Make sure you celebrate your wedding day how you want to.

couple eloping uk
couple eloping uk

Oh and if your thinking this all sounds great, but you don’t know where to start or how to  plan something like this, then your girl is right here and always happy to lend a helping hand, just get in touch I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Amelia x


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