Do’s and Don’ts when organising your table plan

Table plans are the most hated job when planning your wedding? Anyone who’s been married would all be nodding a long with me. It should be an easy job just sitting people on the table. But let me tell you a secret, table plans can be really easy with my do’s and don’ts when organising your table plan. 

I’ve put together a great list of do’s and don’ts to get your organising your table plan like a pro, and will hopefully be a less stressful and more enjoyable job, which you can tick off your wedmin list.

do's and don'ts when organising your table plan



  • Keep any Grandparents or guests in wheelchairs near to the toilets, it makes it less awkward for them to have to get past everyone once seated, and they’ll be a lot more comfortable.

  • Try and seat single guests near friends or people they know, it will mean they’ll be a lot more comfortable and less awkwardness.

  • Seat guests in a clockwise position if they are on round tables. It will make it much easier for food service and mean all the people you want seated together will be.

  • Get a printed table plan large enough for guests to see, A2 or A1 is best. If guests can’t find their seat it takes longer to seat guests, which will delay food service.


do's and don'ts when organising your table plan

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  • Have a traditional top table if it’s not for you and you’d rather have your friends on a table with you or just a sweetheart table (which is when just the two of you as a couple) then go for it. It’s your wedding day make sure you are surrounded by the people you want.

  • Seat young children away from parents. Ideally seat them near parents so it’s easy for them to feed them, unless they are old enough to seat on a table with other children, then it might be nice to keep all the cousins/older children together.

  • Separate couples, unless one of them is part of the wedding party. Ideally most couples will want to sit together for the meal. If one of a couple is in the wedding party, why not form a table with their other halves?

  • Wait for RSVP’s to start planning the seating plan, start putting a rough plan together earlier and then tweak it as and when you get your responses.

  • Forget to add yourselves on the seating plan, you’d be how many couples focus on everyone else that they forget themselves.

do's and don'ts when organising your table plan

📸 Photo credit Tasha Park Photography

📸 Photo Credit Mark Horton 

autumn wedding table decor

📸 Photo credit Tasha Park Photography

I hope my handy tips helped and I have so many more handy tips of advice, just remember the sit down meal is only for 2 hours, let that sink in. Plus if you’re stuck or just need some help just get in touch. I am now offering a power hour planning session .

So what are you waiting for just get in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Amelia x


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