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3 common myths about wedding planner

I want to breakdown the 3 common myths about wedding planners, and no we don’t wear headset like Monica from friends. I know most of you know what a wedding planner is, but I feel there are quite a few misconceptions about wedding planners, that they are only for couples who have huge budgets, they

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photographer mark horton

Badass Suppliers- Meet Mark from Mark Horton Photos

Capturing your wedding day, and all those special moments is by no means an easy task. You want to look back on your wedding photos for years to come and cherish them. This is why it’s SO important to do your research and find a photographer who will not only create amazing photos, but who

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how to elope

Elopement: Why more couples are choosing to elope

Is the thought of being the centre of attention fill you with dread? Would you rather skip planning a wedding and just marry the love of your life? Have you heard of eloping? You may be thinking isn’t that just where you go to Vegas, Gretna Green or the registrar office, well it can be,

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what is a poruwa ceremony

What is a Poruwa Ceremony?

Lots of you were asking questions after my Instagram stories. And you wanted to know more about what a Poruwa ceremony is all about. If you’ve had a peak on my website and you’ve seen I offer a Poruwa Hire . You might be wondering what it is and what makes a Sri Lankan wedding so

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how to include your dogs at your wedding

How to include your dog in your wedding day

Dogs at weddings, hell yeah! We got our lovely dog Ralph, after we got married, you have probably seen him on my instagram  if you follow me. I can tell you if we had him before we got married we would’ve of course wanted him to have been part of our wedding day! They become

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tips for your wedding day

Badass Advice 101: 5 Tips for your wedding day

Over the next few months I’m going to be sharing some little nuggets of advice and tips called Badass advice 101, which I hope will help all my lovely couples trying to plan an alternative wedding. The first in the series was What to do when you get engaged make sure you have a read

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what to do when you get engaged

Badass Advice 101: What to do when you get engaged

Yayyy you’re engaged! But you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, as soon as you announce your engagement everyone starts asking, when are you getting married? What’s the date? Who are you inviting? It’s a bit crazy and you feel pressured you should have your whole wedding sorted! Don’t fear you’re NOT alone it happens

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Alternative wedding venues Bristol

Alternative Wedding Venues in Bristol

Bristol is such a creative buzzing city and there are some real hidden gems! If you’re struggling to find a unique venue in Bristol and you’re tired of seeing the same old venues popping up, then fear not. Just for you lovely lot I’m about to share my 5 unique and alternative venues which have

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