Badass Suppliers- Meet Michelle from Michelle Huggleston Photography

A wedding photographer is such a key part of your wedding day, they capture those special moments and you want to make sure you invest in someone amazing. Not all photographers have the same style and that’s great because not every couple has the same style. Plus they are with you for the majority of the day so you want to make sure it’s someone you have a great relationship with.

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Michelle on a disco styled shoot, and I knew she’d be the perfect fit as her style is fun, colourful and creative. Not only does she take amazing photographs but she is a kind, fun and genuinely amazing person to work with. If you’re looking for a relaxed fun photographer she’s your girl. I chatted with her about how she got into photography and she’s also shared some of her top tips you won’t want to miss!

How did you get into photography?

I’m not one of those photographers that got handed a camera by a grandparent. My story is a little bit different.

When I was about to start college at 17, I didn’t know what last subject to choose, I copied a couple of friends from secondary school. Ended up in totally different classes,  but one day in the darkroom and honestly I was hooked.

Weddings though is a different story. After college I attended University and once graduated, I really didn’t know what to do. I took a few years out working at a cinema. And my best friend (now boyfriend) simply asked, ‘why aren’t you shooting more? You light up when you talk about photography’. He encouraged me to pick up my polaroid camera, I then started a Tumblr blog. A couple of years later I got asked to shoot a friends wedding. Then my boyfriend said ‘you know if you invested in yourself… you might get more work’. So I did.

How would you describe your style?

Fun, relaxed, creative, a little bit quirky. I want couples to enjoy their wedding photography and not dread it!


What’s your favourite part of a wedding day?


Aside from aspects of the day I love to shoot, like confetti or the wedding party shots. I love a first look between father and daughter. And the ceremony itself. The excitement about a brides entrance, then the couple saying out loud the vows to each other. Being a photographer it’s like a front row seat to a romantic film every week. Then seeing parents get emotional, that’s when I get tears in my eyes.

What advice would you give couples looking for a photographer?


Think about style and the photographer. A lot of couples forget that you’re with your photographer all day. You have to trust them, you have to like them and you have to make sure their approach and style fits with you as a couple.

With any supplier my biggest advice is to work with suppliers that are excited you’re getting married. It’s a big deal, work with suppliers who get that.

colourful wedding photographer

What are your wedding day tips?

Ahead of the day plan plan plan! Plan your schedule and your photo list, so you can truly let your hair down and know that your photographer knows exactly what is happening and when. I think sometimes we think of photography as just being on the day. But the planning is so important.

On the day itself, I suggest giving yourself more time. More time in the morning so you’re not rushing. More time for your drinks reception so it can be relaxed.

Also buy confetti, and buy a lot!

Lastly, what’s the best moment you’ve had so far as a photographer?

For me it’s really the moments when I’ve realised I’ve given more than photographs. When I hear that a family member unfortunately passed away just after the wedding, and the photographs mean even more now, showing such incredible and happy memories.

One couple thanked me in their wedding speech for encouraging them to do an engagement session. Yes I cried at this too! They brought their dogs and we made it into a little family session. Little did either of us know, they’d lose one of their dogs a couple of days later. This really hit home, because the timing was so odd. But it makes me so happy that they have these photos to treasure.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, and I hope you guys found it helpful! There are so many incredibly talented suppliers in the industry you just have to choose the person who is the right fit for you. I will hopefully be featuring some more suppliers soon, but make sure you check out my previous posts from some other amazing interviews and tips here.

Amelia x

There were some great nuggets of advice and tips from Michelle, and if you want to see more of Michelle’s amazing work check out her Instagram and Website.


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