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badass supplier - meet mark

Capturing your wedding day, and all those special moments is by no means an easy task. You want to look back on your wedding photos for years to come and cherish them. This is why it’s SO important to do your research and find a photographer who will not only create amazing photos, but who you can actually get on with. Like me they spend most of your day with you, and you want to feel comfortable and relaxed with them, to get the most out of your photos.

And on that note let me introduce the super talented Mark from Mark Horton Photos. I worked with Mark on the Electric Love styled shoot, he’s super easy going, fun and a lovely guy. I love his style, his photos tell a story and are so creative, no boring photos here! I had a chat, with him to share some of his advice and tips with you.

Mark Horton Photographer
So tell me how did you get into photography?
I was about 17 when my girlfriend at the time gave me my first proper DSLR camera, before that I was shooting on those tiny digital cameras your parents used to use for holidays. I was always interested in taking photos as it was the Myspace era, I used to take my camera into town and shoot photos of my friends and always looked up to this one photograph who weirdly had the same exact same name as me. He showed me a couple of things and we took some shots together, I really looked up to the credible status he had built up around Birmingham, being the go to guy for photos I really wanted to get into that industry.
How would you describe your style?

A lot of people would describe my style as “dark and moody” but there’s nothing really moody about it aha. I’d say more warm, realistic and spontaneous. I like to keep my colours as close to the day as possible but also putting my spin on them to bring in the vibe of the day. I really want to make those sunsets not only look how they looked but want the clients to remember how warm it felt, what the atmosphere was like at the time.


And what you say is your favourite part of a wedding day?

Hands down the golden hour / sunset portrait sessions I take my couples on, it’s a great time for them to reconnect and be alone together. The light has that golden glow and we have 30 minutes to do what we want. I’ve drove my couples to fields, we’ve gone into the city to find cool spots. It’s that one part of the day were we can do what ever we want and get cool shots doing it. 
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What advice would you give couples looking for a photographer?
My biggest pieces of advice for looking for a wedding photographer would be; research what style you like first, then go from there making face to face or video call appointments with photographers. Make sure would get along, have the same vision and are on the same page. I’d recommend making a Pinterest board for your wedding as you are able to send this out to vendors so they can get what vibe you are after. Don’t be skipping out on the budget, this is one of the only elements of your wedding that lasts past the day. It’s literally evidence of your wedding and giving the job to your sister’s boyfriend because he has a good camera is something you do not want to be doing. He’s not insured, it’s a high pressured job to take on and it’s best to just to get a professional wedding photographer to do the job. 
Lots of couples wanted to know what are your wedding day tips?
Don’t do it for anyone but yourselves. I’ve heard so many people caught up in decisions because they care too much what someone else thinks about their wedding choices.  News Flash – It’s not their wedding. 
Secondly make time to be together. You’re running round trying to see everyone at your wedding and you hardly get to spend time together on your wedding day of all days. Before you know it you’re on the dance floor for a dance that you fully can’t really get into. This is why these sunset sessions are so important, it’s 30 minutes to reconnect as a couple and talk about your day, have a chill and then go back and have a great dance.
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mark horton photos
mark horton photos
Lastly, what’s the best moment you’ve had so far as a photographer?
Being able to listen to every story about how two families come together. I get lost in people’s speeches when they talk about them being kids together or meeting at a racetrack and their families became friends. Or when the Groom meets a guy in the copying room at work only to get introduced to his daughter and marry her one day.  Those are the best moments!

Thank you so much for chatting with me, and I hope you guys found it helpful! I’m going to be featuring another amazing supplier so make sure you check out my next post!

Amelia x

There were some great nuggets of advice and tips from Mark, and if you want to see more of Mark’s amazing work check out his Instagram and Pinterest.

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