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Welcome back to another guest feature, this time chatting all about wedding flowers. I’ve been chatting to my favourite badass wedding suppliers, sharing their tips and advice to help you plan your wedding!

This week I interviewed Kat from the Fabulous Florist. She kindly shared her tips and advice on how to choose your wedding centrepieces, to her favourite trends to her tips on saving money. I love Kat’s designs and creativity when it comes to wedding flowers. I worked with her earlier this year on the Electric Love Styled shoot, she’s such a lovely person, upbeat and I clicked with her instantly. Kat completely got my vision from the images and conversations we had, and created the most stunning bouquet, check it out below.

 So tell me how did you get into floristry?

I’ve always LOVED flowers. I can remember receiving a bouquet on my 12th birthday from my parents, and thought how amazing they looked. I started to play around with them (while my Mum was telling me to put them in a vase). I’ve always been creative, my mum encouraged me to look into floristry. I went on to study floristry at college achieving a City and Guilds level 3, I finally felt I knew what I wanted to do with my life! Whilst at college I worked in a florist shop, and shortly afterwards opened my own business. After 14 years owning my own flower shop, I decided to close up, and join the amazing team at The Great British Florist, which was a wonderful experience. But it wasn’t until last year, I began my next adventure as The Fabulous Florist, specialising in flowers for wedding and events.

How would you describe your style?

My style, is quite unique! I love designing bespoke bouquets for my brides usually with a unique twist. I’ve had all sorts of requests from Star Wars characters, cones, fruit, watch springs and jewellery. I’m always happy to create different styles, I listen to what my clients would like, and they trust me to create something special.

wild flower bouquet

Image by Mark Horton

What advice would you give couples on how to choose their wedding flowers?

My advice would be for couples to be openminded when it comes to their flowers. I use a “wish list’ which is a list of flowers that the client likes/ would love to be included in their wedding. The reason for the “wish list” is because at the end of the day, we are dealing with Mother Nature, and we cannot 100% ever guarantee the availability of a particular flower.

For example peonies are a very popular flower for weddings, and their season is short May-June (but there are some available from end of March- July thanks to Holland) So if peonies are a particular favourite, pick a date that falls in the main season. otherwise, substitutes can be made- i.e. David Austin roses make a perfect substitute, due to their fragrance, and fluffiness of their petals.

 There are so many options for wedding centrepieces to choose from, what advice would you give couples when choosing their centrepieces?

Your reception venue in my opinion gives you a perfect idea for your centrepieces. For example, if your reception was in a grand hall, with high ceilings, then something tall like candelabras etc would look perfect. If your reception was in a barn, or a village hall, then something lower like jam jars, or milk jugs etc would be more ideal for the surroundings.

Whatever your style, or theme to your day, just remember this simple thing with regards to centrepieces. 60cm is average eyeliner height, so go for something either 30cm or under, or 70cm or taller. That way, you will ensure that everyone can see each other at the table.

Lots of couples are working with different budgets, and not everyone has a huge budget to spend on flowers. What are your top saving tips?

I am all for saving money when it comes to wedding flowers. The advise I give my couples is to reuse flowers, this could be as simple as re using the stunning registry table display from your ceremony. Why not use it again as your top table piece. Pedestals, can be re-used for reception entrances, or inside decoration. Some couples have used their bridal and bridesmaid flowers, as displays on the tables. Also, a bridal bouquet looks great next to your cake – for extra decoration.

I would also suggest to be open with your florist. Tell them your budget right at the start of your consultations. That way, your florist can then suggest designs to suit.

Another alternative is DIY table flowers. This is a perfect way of saving some money, especially if you have friends and family who are willing to help out. I offer this option, as a “Bucket of blooms” which have become extremely popular over the years, and it’s also a fun way to relax before the big day, and spend time with family & friends.

Image by Lydia Harper 

There’s a rising trend of dried flowers and fake flowers, would you say real flowers are worth the investment?

I will always be an advocate for fresh flowers, in my opinion, you can’t beat them! The scents, the textures, just the pure natural style of fresh flowers, to me, will always win. That said dried flowers are amazing! Especially if you were travelling, and you can take your flowers with you. Of course, dried & artificial flowers last longer than fresh, and they are a great keepsake memory, but there are some brilliant business out there, that can turn your fresh flowers into perfect memories. 

What are your favourite wedding trends at the moment? 

I’m loving the natural, rustic, woodland trend at the moment. Long banquet tables, with moss runners, and foliages. I love all foliage bouquets, it gives an extra oomph as so many people undermine the simpleness of foliages, but believe me, they can certainly WOW!

Lastly, what’s been your highlight as a florist so far?

Wow, I can honestly say, I can’t pin point one moment that has been a highlight, as there have been so many! I love meeting new couples and building that trust with them, and the best part is seeing their faces when I deliver their bouquet or wedding flowers. That will always be a special moment for me. I can remember one delivery, the whole room applauded me, as they couldn’t get over the displays ( I may have turned a very bright shade of red) Another response, from last year, was from a bridesmaid  who walked around the corner and exclaimed “ holy F**K- That is AMAZING!”. I’ve also had the privilege to work with a few Instagrammers on their big day which was awesome, and a spectacular 3 day wedding, which was unbelievable! Just seeing the photos after the wedding, of people enjoying their day, and the thank you cards I receive from happy couples afterwards, is the best and why I love what I do.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, and I hope you guys found it helpful! 

Amelia x

There were some great nuggets of advice and tips from Kat and if you want to see more of Kat’s amazing work check out her InstagramFacebook and Website. 

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