Badass Advice 101 – How to plan an alternative wedding

I’m back with the next instalment of Badass advice 101, on how to plan an alternative wedding. So you know you want to plan an alternative non traditional wedding. But now you’re thinking how the heck do I go about making this a reality. Well grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea as I’m about to show you how to plan an alternative wedding.

⚡ Pick and choose the traditions you want to keep

Now this is an important one, there are quite a few wedding traditions which let’s be honest are quite outdated. Why does a women need to be given away, why do you need to get married in a church if you’re not religious. Why do you need to be announced into the room if you hate being centre of attention? That’s why I love same sex marriages because all tradition is thrown out the window, and there’s not expectation and the freedom is pretty amazing. But everyone has a choice of how they wish to celebrate their day. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, make sure you discuss which ones you want to keep and which ones you don’t.

⚡ What’s Important to you as a couple

I find a lot of couples struggle with this one when I first ask them, as it’s such an open question they don’t know where to begin. But until you sit down to discuss what’s important for your wedding day, it’s hard to build a meaningful day. For example if you both love cooking together, eating at unusual places it would be obvious to me you are both foodies, and food is going to me an important factor and I would suggest spending most of your money on that part. Or if you both met at a gig and you love music, a band or musicians at your wedding day will be the main focus of your budget. You start putting parts of the day in order of priority

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⚡ Finding the right suppliers

This can make or break your wedding day in my opinion. If you cut corners on amazing suppliers it could be something you regret. I’ve heard some horror stories of couples who got a cheap inexperienced photographer and were so upset and distraught with their wedding photos, and you can’t re capture that joy and the moments so don’t cut corners. Most suppliers have their prices set because they do a fantastic job, go above and beyond and have perfected their craft. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! They will also be key in making you feel relaxed and help you enjoy your day, they go above and beyond to make sure you have a fab day because they care, and it will feel like you’re surrounded by friends.

⚡ Having an alternative ceremony

If the thought of a church or registrar ceremony fills you with dread, have you heard of a celebrant. They are super amazing people who create a personable ceremony, they find out about you as a couple, and create a one of kind bespoke ceremony which talks about your love story and how you fell in love. It’s not stuffy and formal but fun, and can be interactive. There are some fab celebrants out there, and also means you’re not restricted to where you can host the ceremony. Although it’s not currently legal you can do the paperwork of the registry office and then you can have a ceremony your way!

⚡ Not trying to people please it’s your wedding day

This is a tricky one but you will be thankful if you stick to it. Everyone loves a wedding, and family members can get carried away, and although they mean well they can push their views on how your wedding day should be. But you need to kindly tell them no. Decide how you want your wedding day and let them help and give them jobs to do, but make sure it’s your decision and your vision for your wedding day. You can thank me later because otherwise you’ll have the wedding your grandma wanted to keep her happy rather than the wedding day you actually wanted.

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I hope this has helped you create your wedding day your way! I’d love to hear if there’s more topics you want help with and if you need any help you know I’m here, just get in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Amelia x


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