5 Reasons to Elope

If we’ve learnt anything from 2020 it’s to seize the moment and LOVE always wins!  And if you’re tired of the uncertainty and rescheduling your wedding and you just want to be married. Eloping could be the best option for you. I think elopements are amazing. Here are my 5 reasons to elope.

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1) Eloping saves you money!


There’s a lot less guests to feed and supply drinks for throughout the day. On average you’re looking at £100 per additional guests for food and drink, that’s a HUGE saving if it’s now just the two of you or only a few guests. You can also save on the venue, as you don’t need a space that hosts a lot of people. It will also allow you to upgrade elements of your day and more money for your honeymoon.



2) It’s perfect if you want to marry now with the new normal


With the current situation, it’s the perfect solution if you want to get married now and not wait! It allows you have to the best of both worlds and you can even have a big party later with everyone.

5 reasons to elope

3) Eloping allows you to ditch the traditions


There are no rules and expectations, you set the rules! You can get married anywhere a celebrant on a beach, on a mountain or even in a hot air balloon! The possibilities are endless and you can really make the day your own, adding what you define your wedding day to be.


4) It becomes so special and a secret for just the two of you


What makes it so intimate and special is no one has to know until you tell them. It can be a moment just the two of you, and the focus is on just you and your love. It can’t get anymore romantic than that!

5 reasons to elope
5 reasons to elope
how to elope

5) You can explore amazing locations without restrictions


The sky is really the limit. you can go anywhere whether it be in the UK or abroad. Elopements mean the location is anywhere you want. As long as you registrar your marriage at the registry office, you can hire a celebrant to host the ceremony anywhere you choose. No ties or restrictions to have it at a venue or under a structure.

If you’re still not sure make sure you check out my previous post on why more couples are choosing to elope here. Where I chat to elopement photographer Tom Frost. 


Oh and if your thinking this all sounds great, but you don’t know where to start or how to  plan something like this, then your girl is right here and always happy to lend a helping hand, just get in touch I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Amelia x

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