3 common myths about wedding planner

I want to breakdown the 3 common myths about wedding planners, and no we don’t wear headset like Monica from friends. I know most of you know what a wedding planner is, but I feel there are quite a few misconceptions about wedding planners, that they are only for couples who have huge budgets, they will take over and you have no say. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, and not how I approach wedding planning with my couples.

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1) They will take over my wedding and I won’t have any say


I will not take over your wedding, but collaborate and guide you on your wedding planning journey. I will offer lots of shortcuts, tips and advice to get the best our of your wedding day which will reflect the two of you. I want to make sure planning your wedding is fun and you enjoy the planning process, it doesn’t have to be serious or stressful. I can also fix any problems or issue that occur on the day so you don’t have to. Do you really want to me told about any issues on the day, and have to go and deal with them whilst your guest get to enjoy your wedding. Or would you rather have the chance to truly enjoy your day knowing someone you trust is handling everything.

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2) They’re expensive and only work with couples with big budgets


I will work with you and your budget, you don’t have to have huge budget to be able to afford a planner. I’ve tried to make my packages accessible so you can enjoy your wedding day to the max, I even offer an on the day package which won’t break the bank. I can actually SAVE you money, I know great suppliers, and ways to adapt your budget so you can make the most out of your wedding budget. Investing in a wedding planner can be the best investment you make and in return you’ll be less stressed, and get to focus on all the fun elements

3) I don’t need one! My family and friends will make sure they day runs smoothly


I’m sure your family and friends have the best intentions, but they are not professionals, what would they do if something went wrong? Would they have a quick fix and remain calm. Probably not, I will ensure everything runs smoothly, I am a problem solver. Chances are something will go wrong on your wedding day, whether it be the weather or a supplier running late these things are inevitable. But I will solve this issues that arise so you don’t have to, and it also means you and your family and friends can all enjoy your day. Your parents have probably been looking forward to this day, and they should be able to be present and enjoy it with you.


Wedding planners can be a great investment, especially if you are having a tipi or a marquee, as they don’t come with a venue manager to oversee the day. Just get in touch, to see how I can help I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Amelia x


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